PeugeotPeugeot Pepper & Salt Mills

Peugeot created the pepper mill in 1842, long before it made motor cars. Over 150 years later, Peugeot is still a leader in pepper mills, salt mills, and coffee mills. Each milling mechanism has milling and channeling grooves cut into the metal. The channeling groves are designed to line up the peppercorns with the grinding grooves to crack the corns before the fine grinding process. The mechanism is case-hardened steel and will hold up to a lifetime of heavy use. Peugeot manufactures in France and Germany.

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Pepper Mills

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Peugeot Coffee Mill NostalgiePeugeot Coffee Mills

Peugeot hand crank coffee mills feature adjustable grind settings from coarse to powdery fine with case hardened steel grinding burrs. Easy to use for grinding coffee upon demand and to maintain. The coffee mills can also be used as decorative pieces in your kitchen or dining room, thanks to their classic looks.

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Wine GlassPeugeot Wine Glass Stemware

Peugeot’s approach to wine glasses is simplicity itself: each glass has an intended purpose, for which it works exceptionally well. From the incomparable “Les Impitoyables” signature series of glasses for the well educated wine taster, to the compact and extraordinary Esprit 180 line, through to Les Universels -- each glass is designed to give its user the maximum benefit of all that the wine or spirit has to offer.

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DecantersPeugeot Wine Decanters

A decanter can serve many purposes, but just like wine glasses, there is no one decanter truly designed for all applications. Peugeot offers an elegant selection of decanters for mature red wines, mature white wines, and young red wines.

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